It all started with a leaky boat, on its way to the city of Triden’s gate. A handful of new adventurers set out on a quest to protect the city from an invading army of Orcs. Little did they know what the army of Orcs were really up to. The Orcs were planning on summoning their God, the Powerful Gruumsh One-Eye. That’s when things got out of control. Instead of summoning their own God, they summoned the demi-God Orcus to the material plane of Anhsook Del Iris. Orcus bent on destruction began to destroy this world, and the handful of adventurers were dragged into the middle of a battle to save the world. Now they must discover the 5 great artifacts left behind by the Elder Gods, in order to banish Orcus from the material plane once and for all.

Time of Chaos (Anshook Del Iris)